Your happiness’s in your hand

based on real-life experiences

Disha Gugnani
2 min readJul 14, 2019

There are two sorts of people. Positive ones and the negative ones.
Positive people are those who are centred around their lives and also wish the same for you. They help you develop and persuades you to progress in the direction you had always wanted. They are consistently there for assistance when you really need them and don’t spoon feed you (learn the difference).

They don’t make you subject to them but help you learn to stand on your own feet. When you are with them, you have an inclination that you are advancing in your life, continually encountering and learning something new. You feel cheerful, with them as well as in your own company.

But then there are some negative people too. These people, they feed on you. They are focused on being negative. The more you attempt to push them to be whatever else, the more they will drive you back. They worry you and channel your vitality. You think you are being decent and kind and all their antagonism isn’t influencing you however trust me, it truly does. You will acknowledge it just when you are far from them.

On the off chance that your endeavours to lift somebody out of pessimism are coming up short, learn to move on. They will get to a better place when they are ready. No one will get there until they are ready, regardless of they are pushed or not.

“Everybody comes in your life with a reason. Negative people enable you to comprehend who you prefer not to be and Positive people help you to turn into your more prominent self.”

Stay away from negative people and discharge their dangerous vitality from your life by not holding on to them.

Encircle yourself with positive people, the people who will make you feel good about yourself. Encircle yourself with people who see good in the world. This will enable you to see good as well and draw in progressively good.

It’s time to take responsibility for your own happiness.

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