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Disha Gugnani
3 min readDec 28, 2018

One fine day, while scrolling through social media, I got to know about this place near my house offering fish foot spa. It looked very exciting and terrifying at the same time in the pictures that I couldn’t envision how would feel like in real. But it sounded like kinda fun to me. I have had numerous pedicures before however giving fishes a chance to eat your dead skin and leaving the feet smooth seemed to be an entirely different experience. And as always, I so wanted to try it now.

On another fine day, I was out with my friends to TGIP(The Great India Place) mall, Noida where I saw this place offering fish spa. With its enticing blue and white lights, I knew I could not leave the place without trying it. There were these little adorable water tanks to plunge your feet in, adjoining the couches to sit. Although the thought of so many fish mouths all over my feet was very disturbing at first, I sat on one of the couches but kept rethinking about the idea of putting my poor little feet into a tank full of fish monsters. They were just so many!! My friends accompanied me for this experience and thanks to them I could gather enough courage.

It took us couple of minutes to finally put our feet in while we were panicking, realizing what we were about to do — Feed our feet to the fishes! Once we dipped our feet in, the fishes came surging at our feet and started kissing them or rather biting them, eating away all the dead skin. It felt ticklish and like numerous vibrations on my feet without any pain. It was such a gugli feeling, somewhat bizarre yet kind of funny at the same time; something that I have never felt before. While the fishes were ex-foliating the areas, we were laughing, enjoying and having fun.

We were supposed to sit there for 20 minutes but it lasted for only 15 when we just couldn’t take so much tickling any longer. After our entire session at the fish spa, the results felt very instant. Our feet felt exceptionally smooth. It was an extremely bizarre experience, very different(good different) from other pedicures. In fact, It was one of the coolest things I have experienced! I would definitely pick and recommend this to everyone over any other feet spa.

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