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3 min readMar 23, 2019

This blog post is about a place named “Mystery Rooms”. The existence of this place is a mystery in itself..not many people have known about it. I likewise didn’t know until I was introduced to this place by my friend from Bangalore. It sounded extremely fascinating when he was explaining it to me. So I googled it and fortunately found their branch here in Noida. Since then, I was searching for a chance to visit Mystery rooms. Finally, I got one when I and my colleagues were planning for our team outing and on suggesting this place, they finally conclude the venue as Mystery Rooms, Sector 41, Noida.

Mystery rooms are the most enthralling escape room game in India. For an hour, you will be locked in a theme-based room with your team with one simple objective. Escape. All you have to do is to explore this room looking for hidden clues, keys or puzzles, use logic to solve them and get yourself out of the room before time kicks you! Imagine being locked in a thrilling room with your 2 to a maximum of 8 teammates to find an escape in exactly one hour. You wouldn’t realize how fast 60 minutes pass by. The Mystery was put up so splendidly well that it will compel you to tap into your inner Sherlock.

The room we picked was “A Night in Bhangarh — The Mystery of a Cursed Fort” in light of horror. The dimmed lights and ghastliness voices added weight to the context. We had reached the last clue when the timer goes off and a staff member entered the room to escape us.

Many have gone in.. Few could make it out in time..”

Whether you’ll step out as a winner or not totally depends on your wit, inventiveness, and teamwork. Winners do get medals, and regardless of you winning or losing there are some excellent props for photo opportunities after the game.

This place is a complete package of thrill, drama and mystery, that too so authentic and innovative. It was a perfect getaway from hectic boring routines. Despite the fact that the spot is a little costly, it’s absolutely worth an encounter. And now If I talk more, I will uncover the spoilers…So, get your detective instinct out and try this real-life escaping experience.

Happy Escaping!!

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