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Disha Gugnani
3 min readSep 28, 2018

There’s no doubt that multiple ear piercings are having a moment. I was also entranced with the whole idea of piercing and especially, multiple ear piercing. But I was always stuck with “Should I get my ears pierced? Will it suit all over? Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I not?” So I went to my mom and explained to her how much I wanted this and asked for her permission. She thought for a couple of minutes and agreed realizing I wasn’t asking for a tattoo or cigarettes or permission to drink alcohol(all of which are either painful, permanent, or injurious to health). All I was asking for were tiny, 22 gauge helix piercings that can easily be taken out at any time.

I got my first earlobe piercings as a toddler and it wasn’t my choice. But as I grew up I started liking multiple ear piercings. So now, I was all set for getting it done. I was unquestionably not into the whole self-piercing option. Neither is it safe nor I had the guts to pierce my ear on my own. So I asked my papa for it and he consented to drive me to a professional. We were at a small jewellery shop in my hometown. An attendant came to us and demonstrated us a piercing gun with separately packaged pre-sterilized studs, and the piercing is often free with the purchase of earrings. The only disappointment is you don’t get to wear the pretty and wild stuff right from the beginning.

Multiple ear piercings

The attendant took only five seconds to shoot in my ear with the piercing gun. I was so excited about this. Maybe that is the reason I didn’t feel much pain at that time. Once it was done, I was like just don’t touch my ear and I will be fine. But oh my god, it hurts and it hurts so bad if you sleep on your side. Probably the greatest drawback you’ll face during the process of normal healing is the inconvenience that you face from not being able to sleep on your freshly pierced cartilage. Forget about the days when you cosy up on your side and sleep like a princess. I also ended up driving my hair over from my ear a bit more frequently.

The piercing guy also provided me with a saline solution to put a few drops on it twice a day. The most effective way to avoid infection is by keeping the area around the piercing clean. Following sleepless nights, around three to four weeks of endurable pain and rigid cleaning schedule and without any real issue, I have made it. I felt accomplished and more than anything proud of my little classy and edgy piercings. Now, I am all set to search salons and internet for all sorts of jewellery (studs, rings or barbells) and discover the style for myself.

The takeaway is that piercings are good in a way. They define you and you get to experience a different new you. Decide what you want to pierce next!

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